Latest Updates

- 10/29/2014   5 new mobs have been added! Good luck downing them, they are extremely powerful.
- 10/26/2014   - Change password screen now includes a "cancel and return to button" link.
- Upon successfully changing password, a link to return to game is now provided.
- Broken links on the change password screen have been removed.
- 10/12/2014   The Permanent Boosts tab under Purchase/Spend Credits now tells you when the skill is maxed rather than prompt you to upgrade it further.
- 10/9/2014   - Two new and powerful Mithril Skills have been added! When maxed, Heroism will enable you to dive into battle against Global Bosses with far more fierceness than ever before. When maxed, it will add an additional 25% damage to your damage from all sources.
Valor allows you to stand firm in the face of certain death, increasing your defensive capabilities. When maxed, it will add an additional 25% defense to your defense from all sources.
- These mithril skills have a different cost structure than previous mithril skills. They operate in tiers, with an additional cost increase every 100 levels compared to the previous 100 levels. In addition, these skills cost both gold and mithril and are very expensive to cap. They are designed to be extremely difficult to cap, while providing excellent benefits in the first few hundred levels at a reduced cost. Requires a refresh to purchase!

- In order to properly support the new mithril skills, Mithril Skill Reset has also been upgraded. You will get back your mithril from Heroism and Valor as you would from any other mithril skill: the first reset is free. Subsequent resets will take a credit cost and 10% of your mithril upon reset. Gold will not be refunded for these skills. There will be no refunds for mistakes made so please make sure that you want to reset before you do.

- Maxed mithril skills no longer present an upgrade link.

- The mithril skills modal has been dramatically enhanced. All queries have been fine-tuned to be extremely fast, providing a better upgrade experience.

- In order to support login expiration properly, I have begun to prototype a redirect back to the login screen with a notification message if your session has expired. You are not banned, you are simply no longer authenticated and you will have to log back in. This will be rolled out to a large amount of the codebase if it proves to work as it is intended to. If you see this behavior, do not be alarmed, it is perfectly normal and to be expected.

- The Global Boss for Group 2 has received a small nerf since it has been left unkilled a number of times in the past week.
- 10/7/2014   Due to the incredible progress of our top players, new equipment tiers were needed! 5 new tiers have been added to weapons, armors, gems, and accessories, as well as to the supporting professions and market. Cheer on our top players as they race to fantastic new items!
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