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- 12/13/2014   - An additional market tab has been added showing all of your listings in one convenient place! No actions on any listings may be taken from this tab. It is a read-only view of your listings and you will still have to use the actual market tabs to interact with your listings. This update requires a refresh to use! Thanks to Xnavier for the suggestion: On the Forum
- 12/12/2014   - Group 6 boss would drop players out of the fight during a bug. This has been corrected.
- Group 6 Attack and Defense have been lowered slightly to make it a bit easier for new Group 6 entries to fight it.
- Triple issued can now reach a maximum of 18 minutes if all bosses including group 6 are downed.
- 12/8/2014   - The Me leaderboard was not properly excluding banned users. This has been corrected.

- Personal market logs have been added under their own tab on the market. Logs will last up to seven days at which point they will be automatically deleted. All logs will be tracked from this deployment going forward. No past history will be shown.
- 12/3/2014   Snow has returned to BoL! Snow is now a toggleable option starting December 1st and will automatically disable after December 31st. In addition, the Snow Toggle option in Preferences now only is visible in the month of December.

To turn on Snow, head into your preferences and turn it on. You will see snow after refreshing. Please note that snow settings are per machine, not per user account.
- 11/24/2014   Global Bosses Group 6 stats were nerfed to make it more feasible to down.
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