Latest Updates

- 2/18/2015   A few unsavory bugs have been thoroughly squashed.

- At long last, the infamous "Missing Quest Progress" Bug has been fixed. All quest progress should always count going forward.
- When creating market listings for Weapons, Armors, Gems and Accessories, if the sale price was either too low or too high, the price would default to 1 gold. As noted, this behavior was confusing and potentially very costly. This has been changed to an error message if your price does not fall into the correct range, preventing your item from being listed.
- Banned clan members would still show as online if they had had activity within the last 15 minutes, even if they had a red strikethrough in Clan Members. This was confusing and inconsistent. Now, if a clan member is banned, they will show as offline. The red strikethrough will still show if they are banned.
- 2/13/2015   The Rules are now available for viewing upon Registration and must be accepted alongside the Terms and Conditions in order to create an account. In addition, Chat Rule 2 has been updated to better reflect the original intent.
- 2/2/2015   A large number of enhancements were made to chat queries to speed up chat message submits as well as alleviate some of the disconnection pain felt by many users. If you continue to experience chat problems, please let Stabzs know.
- 1/31/2015   - The Rules have been clarified on unique player, same IP accounts. In addition, the game email address has been added to the Rules to make it easier to contact Stabzs.
- Some strange quirks around booting clan members causing chat issues were fixed.
- Initial Chat load performance has been dramatically improved to both lighten the load on the server as well as decrease the amount of time it takes to load.
- Another fix has been applied to the automated deletion for Secure Messages which has not been working till now. Please make sure that you have saved any information out of your past messages TODAY since it will not be recoverable once the job successfully runs.
- 1/25/2015   - Several important backend changes have been added to improve the security and stability of the game.
- A significant number of flows have had a few queries fine-tuned to reduce waste.
- Several potential locking issues have been eliminated.
- The Online Player count is now cached for a few minutes to reduce load on the server. It will still update every few minutes with the new total.

- Secure Messages were scheduled to delete automatically after 7 days. For some reason this was not occurring. I have made changes to reactivate this automatic deletion, so please make sure to save anything that you need out of your Secure Messages before server reset.

- Global Boss group calculations have been refined once again to prevent people from prematurely being ejected from their groups. If you are overleveled you will still be pushed higher than your highest stat.
- Global Boss rewards have been scaled up slightly to give groups past 1 an increasingly larger gap.
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