Latest Updates

- 11/24/2014   Global Bosses Group 6 stats were nerfed to make it more feasible to down.
- 11/22/2014   Some new leaderboard updates have been added per suggestions on the forums.

- A Total Resources Gained leaderboard has been added.

- A new [Me] leaderboard has been added per The Forums that sums up all of your current positions other than clan, since that is not an individual ranking. For leaderboards that reflect ties, the overall placement board will also reflect ties. The second half of the suggestion, searching for players, will remain under consideration.

- Clan Level leaderboard has been expanded from 50 possible results to 100 possible results to accomodate new clan growth.
- 11/16/2014   You can no longer whisper someone that you have ignored
- 11/16/2014   A Wardrobe has been released to allow for quick equipment changes! This requires a refresh!.

You can unlock the wardrobe under Town -> RP Store -> Unlocks. It costs 50 RP to unlock the Wardrobe and you must have earned a minimum of 100 Participation Points by fighting Global Boss Invasions. Please note that this does not remove any of your PP, it is merely required for you to purchase the Wardrobe.

After purchasing your Wardrobe, you can visit it in the Inventory in a brand new tab. The first wardrobe slot is included in your initial purchase. Additional purchases after that start at 50 credits per slot and increment another 50 credits per slot. There is currently no limit to the number of slots you can own.

Each slot is empty by default and can be given a unique name of up to 20 characters. When you save a slot for the first time, it will perpetuate your currently equipped items as its configuration. Please note that items in a wardrobe slot CAN be deconstructed, sold, or marketed as long as it is not equipped. If this occurs, your slot configuration will load whatever gear it is able to. There will be no refunds for mistakes made because your item was assigned to a wardrobe slot. After the item "disappears", you will need to update your wardrobe slot configuration to properly reflect the correct total of items in your slot.
- 10/29/2014   5 new mobs have been added! Good luck downing them, they are extremely powerful.
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