Latest Updates

- 5/28/2015   A number of Ranks-related bug fixes and improvements have been applied.
- If you had more than 150 RP but less than 200 RP, you could not properly purchase the same rank in a new color for 150 RP as expected (although if you had more than 200 RP you were not over charged).
- If you had two identical custom ranks in different colors, you could not properly select the second custom rank.
- The Update Your Rank dropdown menu in preferences has been improved to show the color of the custom rank as well as the rendered HTML output rather than encoded HTML. This will make it much easier to select your custom rank when you have multiples of the same rank in different colors. This update requires a refresh!
- 5/25/2015   - New players can no longer be greeted with a captcha, per this suggestion.
- New usernames and username changes may now only contain up to 50% capital letters.
- Listings where total price overflowed Int values could not be purchased. This has been corrected for all market listing types.
- Most market purchases calls have received a significant performance improvement.
- Fixes for staff tools.
- Fixes for certain logging activities.
- 5/12/2015   Since the Daily Rankings job did not properly fired, a manual issue mode was added and the rewards for 05-11-2015 have been issued. Added additional logging and security around the daily rankings to troubleshoot any further issues going forward.
- 5/7/2015   - Your drop log for Tradeskilling now tracks insta-level procs as suggested here. Requires a refresh.
- The welcome message shows up for either 25 kills or 25 tradeskill attempts instead of just kills. If you receive one welcome message the other is not displayed.
- Gem power display for crafting still required an additional fix which has been implemented. Requires a refresh.
- Additional security measures have been implemented.
- Staff tools received a few enhancements.
- 4/30/2015   - A variety of small profession fixes were added:
- Percentages for level chance for gemcrafting did not properly stop at 100%.
- Recipe purchases for Blacksmithing and Gemcrafting have been given scrolling.
- The latest tier was misspelled for dropped gems only.
- Incorrect crafting data for Gem Power has been fixed. No gems were crafted with the incorrect power. It was a visual issue only at higher tiers.
- Cache busting for CSS was properly added.
- This update requires a refresh.
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