Latest Updates

- 3/11/2015   A few boss tweaks have been applied.
- Most groups have had boss health increased to lengthen the fights slightly.
- Groups 5 and 6 have had rewards slightly buffed to compensate for the fact that they have less participants.
- Now only 3 people are required to force Group 6 to spawn. As a result, the Group 6 boss has been nerfed again to bring it in line with Group 4/5 progression.

- An additional stabilizing fix has been applied to market concurrency.

- Tradeskills will now remember your last attempt! As long as you do not clear your cache, Tradeskilling will now default to your last attempt, per this long requested forum post. This update requires a refresh.

- If you capped an attribute, requiring an Expertise Upgrade, a red "Upgrade Expertise" link will now appear next to the Attributes header. Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to the Purchase/Spend Credits modal, landing on the Expertise tab. This should hopefully alleviate a bit of new player pain and help remind all players to quickly upgrade if they cap. Thanks to Mistere for this suggestion. This update requires a refresh.

- There was an issue where the PP Milestone task was firing before the latest Participation Points had been awarded. This has been corrected and you will always receive your milestones after a boss fight if you are eligible after the PP received in that fight.
- 3/5/2015   - Global Boss Groupings have been slightly adjusted, with most groups being toughed slightly. In addition, the Group 6 boss has been adjusted to follow a progression curve more similar to the other bosses. It will spawn with more health, but it will not hit as hard and it will take more damage.
- Per request, RP milestones for Participation Points will now be automatically issued upon your group killing your boss or upon all bosses rampaging if you were not able to kill your boss in time. The manual claim has been left in for now, although it should only be useful if you have not already claimed your RP reward and you do not fight in any additional boss fights going forward.
- Per a great forum suggestion, Clan Donation Logs have been added! The logs will persist for 60 days at which point they will self-delete. You can find the Clan Donation Log under Clan -> Donation Log. This update requires a refresh to use.
- A long-outstanding request was for Clan officers to have more room to properly communicate with their members. A News section has been added to the Clan under Clan -> News. It gives the officers of the clan up to 2500 character to post information. If you update your News, it will overwrite the existing News. Clan News does not expire whatsoever and displays both the update date and who updated the news. This update requires a refresh to use.
- Additional logging was added to allow for better game administration.
- 3/4/2015   5 new mobs have been added! In addition, the original 5 last mobs did not scale properly and were too difficult to down. All 10 mobs have had a more realistic curve applied and should provide proper progression for later game players.
- 3/2/2015   - Reward Point milestone rewards for Global Boss Participation Points have been released! You will now find that if you qualify for the next Participation Point Milestone, your Participation Points listed in your profile will turn to a green link. Clicking the link will immediately claim any available rewards. As promised, Global Boss Participation Points are an excellent RP source. Enjoy!. This update requires a refresh.

- Character Skills have been overdue for a free reset to stay consistent to other reset mechanisms in the game. This has been added in light of this forum thread. All players are given one free reset. No refunds will be given in lieu of a reset. The reset does not expire and can be used at any time. Finally, you can not choose to pay credits instead of using the free reset. If you have a free reset, it will be used when you next reset your skills. This update requires a refresh.

- Thanks to the always vigilant mods, it became necessary to close down a few small hidden pieces to keep them from talking to themselves...mostly. These fixes have been applied and should in no way affect gameplay.

- Some additional anti-bot measures have been implemented.
- 2/18/2015   A few unsavory bugs have been thoroughly squashed.

- At long last, the infamous "Missing Quest Progress" Bug has been fixed. All quest progress should always count going forward.
- When creating market listings for Weapons, Armors, Gems and Accessories, if the sale price was either too low or too high, the price would default to 1 gold. As noted, this behavior was confusing and potentially very costly. This has been changed to an error message if your price does not fall into the correct range, preventing your item from being listed.
- Banned clan members would still show as online if they had had activity within the last 15 minutes, even if they had a red strikethrough in Clan Members. This was confusing and inconsistent. Now, if a clan member is banned, they will show as offline. The red strikethrough will still show if they are banned.
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