Latest Updates

- 9/1/2014   - A rule has been added prohibiting selling BoL assets for real currencies. Please make sure you read the rule and understand it.
- Participation Points have been added to your profile.
- Boss Killing Blows have been added to your profile.
- The “Update” button is now hidden when you are actively attacking a boss. This requires a refresh.
- A Participation Points leaderboard has been added.
- A Boss Killing Blows leaderboard has been added.
- 8/28/2014   - Average Tradeskill Attempts Per Day have been added to your profile.
- Custom ranks now correctly show up in Leaderboards.
- A bug existed in the clan building code where it was possible to have more total building levels than clan levels. If you are under the levels per building cap, you will have to level your clan back above cap in order to build additional buildings.
- 8/27/2014   A series of bug fixes have been added, some of which have been plaguing the game for some time. My apologies for the delay on these patches. You MUST refresh to receive these patches. If you still experience any of the issues described below as fixed, please clear your cache and restart your browser as you are probably suffering from old code.

- TS Attempts and TS Levels on the new Tradeskill Stats Ticker were not working properly under certain circumstances. The bugs have been identified and corrected. Enjoy!
- When cancelling your autos too closely to the counter reaching 0.0, sometimes negative autos would be displayed. This has been correted for both battling and tradeskilling and the "Cancelling" text will always appear.
- Double/Triple/Quad time remaining would not update if you lost the fight. It will now appear with the updated value even if you lose the fight.
- Undefined would occasionally show up in the rewards tickers for both battling and traeskilling. I believe that I have finally identified the source of this bug. If you still experience it AND you have already done the steps outlined above, please file a report on the forums.
- 8/26/2014   - The kill message for a boss will display even if you have ignored the player that landed the killing blow.
- It is now impossible for a boss to spawn on top of a currently in-progress boss fight even if the in-progress boss or the new boss are manually spawned. This was never an encountered issue but it made manual spawns dangerous.
- A BOSS INVASION! message will replace your tab description while any boss is stil alive. This is an intentional design decision, especially considering that killing bosses is an all-game event. You MUST refresh to get this update! If you still cannot see it, please clear your cache and refresh.
- The countdown timer for time until bosses rampage is now displayed even after you kill your boss.
- A stats tracker has been added for tradeskillers. It is cumulative across all tradeskills since most tradeskillers do not switch tradeskills during the day. It currently does not track experience gained since the random proc made the calculation more difficult than was practical for this release.
- Trims have been added to login and registration to ensure that you do not mistakenly add a space to your name which can cause you to not receive PMs in certain cases.
- 8/22/2014   Vertical scrolling in the Global Boss Summary window has been restored. You need to refresh to get this fix. In addition, the summary has been widened slightly to try to accomodate for those players who still cannot see the Hits % column.
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