Latest Updates

- 6/22/2015   The Stabzstue Leaderboards have been updated to correctly reflect ties in rankings. Per the updated leaderboards, ties will all benefit from the credit reward for that position, rather than prorate it. However, this will push the next potential credit reward placement down the number of players tied for the placement above.
- 6/18/2015   Tribute has been released! You will now find a Give Tribute tab under the Stabzstue. You can donate tributes in blocks of 5,000,000 gold and 250 of each Reagent. More Tribute cannot be donated than bricks found, so keep killing and tradeskilling to unearth all of the bricks! This update requires a refresh.
- 6/15/2015   A new and strange construction site has been unearthed in Artisan Square in town. You can now find bricks by Battling and Tradeskilling which will rebuild The Stabztue. Additional details can be found by visiting The Stabzstue in town.
Tribute will be added in the next day or so. Once added, the progress being made on the Stabzstue will be permanent, resulting in Quadruple at the start of the Blades of Legends anniversary on June 27th at 12:00 AM server time.
- 5/28/2015   A number of Ranks-related bug fixes and improvements have been applied.
- If you had more than 150 RP but less than 200 RP, you could not properly purchase the same rank in a new color for 150 RP as expected (although if you had more than 200 RP you were not over charged).
- If you had two identical custom ranks in different colors, you could not properly select the second custom rank.
- The Update Your Rank dropdown menu in preferences has been improved to show the color of the custom rank as well as the rendered HTML output rather than encoded HTML. This will make it much easier to select your custom rank when you have multiples of the same rank in different colors. This update requires a refresh!
- 5/25/2015   - New players can no longer be greeted with a captcha, per this suggestion.
- New usernames and username changes may now only contain up to 50% capital letters.
- Listings where total price overflowed Int values could not be purchased. This has been corrected for all market listing types.
- Most market purchases calls have received a significant performance improvement.
- Fixes for staff tools.
- Fixes for certain logging activities.
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