Latest Updates

- 9/29/2014   Evasion and Accuracy were not properly placing players in the correct Global Boss group. This has been corrected and your Evasion and Accuracy will now be properly considered when determining your group.
- 9/19/2014   Requires A Refresh
A few players could no longer see all links (most importantly the [G] link) in inventory if the weapon name was a longer name and there were a large number of high tier gems socketed. If you have enough content on the page where horizontal scrolling is required, the nice thin scrollbar is disabled and browser default scrollbars are shown, including horizontal scrolling to allow access to the [G] link. Once your content reduces to the table area, the thin scrollbar will be reactivated, keeping your inventory looking nice and clean.
- 9/18/2014   Some additional Global Boss tweaks and fixes have been added.

- There was an issue with how health was being calculated where it did not quite mirror your health during normal battling. This has been corrected.
- The Group 1 boss has been slightly buffed again to level the playing field.
- Rewards distributions has been slightly tweaked so that larger groups do not get a disproportionately large reward.
- 9/16/2014   - Security Captchas will now occur less frequently for both Security Captcha modes. It is absolutely imperative that you solve to Security Captchas quickly as well as respond to PMs from mods and admins. Failure to do so may result in your account being banned and the Security Captcha frequency being restored to its original state.

- Tradeskill quests will no longer prompt you to raise your expertise cap at level 1000.
- 9/14/2014   A few Tradeskill bugs have been patched.

- A period is now added to the end of the clan tax message.
- You are no longer prompted to raise your expertise at level 1000 in any tradeskill.
- You no longer see the experience bar for level 1000 tradeskills.
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