Latest Updates

- 1/25/2015   - Several important backend changes have been added to improve the security and stability of the game.
- A significant number of flows have had a few queries fine-tuned to reduce waste.
- Several potential locking issues have been eliminated.
- The Online Player count is now cached for a few minutes to reduce load on the server. It will still update every few minutes with the new total.

- Secure Messages were scheduled to delete automatically after 7 days. For some reason this was not occurring. I have made changes to reactivate this automatic deletion, so please make sure to save anything that you need out of your Secure Messages before server reset.

- Global Boss group calculations have been refined once again to prevent people from prematurely being ejected from their groups. If you are overleveled you will still be pushed higher than your highest stat.
- Global Boss rewards have been scaled up slightly to give groups past 1 an increasingly larger gap.
- 1/17/2015   - You can no longer whisper a banned user.
- You can no longer send a blank whisper to someone.
- Whispers as a whole have been enhanced to catch badly formatted whispers and alert the player, informing them of the correct whisper format.
- Reduced duplicate calls to offset the check for whether or not the player-to-whisper is banned and improve performance.

- During double/triple/quad, the section for clan gains would still show up, even if there was not enough of an amount to be donated. This has been corrected so that the clans gain message will only if there were actual gains. Thanks to lawsy for reporting. This fix requires a refresh.

- Profession building upgrade box text was spilling out of the profession building container. This has been corrected. Thanks to Xnavier for reporting.

- 1/17/2015   - A new Clan building has been added! The Bard's Tower can now be built and upgraded, giving the song-writing heroes of your clan the chance to inspire your members with songs of glory. Each level of the Bard's Tower will add 2.5% to your total attack and 2.5% to your total defense in boss fights. This is added to the bonus from your Heroism and Valor, not on top of it. Clan leaders must refresh to upgrade this building!

- Valor was not always pulling the proper values. This has been corrected.

- The Group 2 boss has received a nerf to make it more consistent with the regrouping update.

- A few behind-the-scenes optimizations were added to some of the clan code to make it more consistent with newer patterns.
- 1/16/2015   A few bugs and tweaks around Global Bosses have been added.
- A Coffee-Free Stabzs boss has been added per the community votes. Enjoy!
- It was possible that you could receive the display for the incorrect boss after the boss was downed after the recent boss change. This has been corrected.
- The Group 5 boss has had stats tweaked up very slightly.
- Global Boss spawn rates have been buffed very slightly since they have been a bit sparse lately.
- 1/14/2015   - A long-awaited and plannned Global Boss grouping change has been deployed.
- Before this update, groupings for global bosses were done strictly off of attributes. Every 1000 attributes in your highest attribute, you were placed in a new grouping. This did not take into account low attribute, high level players who could use superior gear.
- As a result, your tier is now factored into a calculation that takes into account your attributes, your derived root grouping, and a modified score determined by your max tier level. Please note, it is not based off of your currently equipped gear, so do not short-change yourself by wearing inferior gear! You do not need to do anything to be placed into a new group if applicable; you will be placed automatically.

- The Group 5 boss has had its rewards slightly buffed.

- The Group 6 boss rewards have received a small buff and its stats have been slightly nerfed since with this change it will probably spawn slightly more often than before.
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