Latest Updates

- 4/24/2015   - Additional Staff tools have been added to allow for better facilitation of the game. A new Warn command has been added and the game rules have been updated to reflect that command. While there has always been an unwritten rule that Staff PMs must be responded to, it was never properly documented in the rules. In addition, it is easy to overlook a moderator's PM when you are busy with other activities. The new warning messages will stand out, making it easier to see that a moderator needs to get your attention.
- Small bug fix for message deletions.
- 4/23/2015   - Daily Rankings now include separate tabs to show the rankings from the previous day. Requires a refresh to use.
- Each Daily Rankings tab lists your total progress for that day at the bottom of the tab to allow you to see where you stand in relation to the leaders.
- IE will no longer improperly cache the Daily Rankings boards.
- 4/22/2015   - A Daily Rankings Leaderboard has been added! Now your daily efforts will be honored and rewarded! The top 25 Kill Counts and Tradeskill Attempt Counts will be rewarded with up to 250 mithril. The mithril is automatically handed out 2 seconds before midnight, server time, and it will be monitored over the next few days to ensure that the job is generating correctly.
- Your username is colored green on each Daily Rankings board to help you find your ranking more easily.
- This update requires a refresh to use.

- There was a bug where if you were attempting to fight a boss while battling or tradeskilling, you would receive a message that your boss was dead. This was misleading and incorrect. Now, you are properly prompted to stop battling/tradeskilling while attempting to fight a boss.

- The market has received some additional attention. You are (as intended) no longer able to reach the market while battling or tradeskilling.
- Market security has received an additional enhancement, better logging, and better transactionality while listing.
- All Market Tabs other than Items have received a dramatic performance increase while creating listings.

- A few of the inventory queries were tweaked for better performance.
- 4/6/2015   - The Global Boss Killing Blow verbiage has been tweaked in accordance with player feedback.

- Per this suggestion, Quest Reward information will now persist until you dismiss the message via the "x" button or navigate away from the Quest page. This should make copying and pasting rewards vastly easier. This update requires a refresh.

- Secure Messages and Secure Trades have had improved error handling added to give you more precise feedback on why you cannot submit a message or trade.

- In order to promote a consistent feel across the game (thanks lawsy), Secure Trade input fields now support commas to delimit your thousands, just like the market, rather than defaulting to zero.

- As pointed out by HT, Custom Ranks would not allow you to reuse the same rank name in a different Renown Rank color. This was not intended behavior. A feature has been added to allow you to not only re-use your favorite titles, but to receive a 50 RP discount for doing so. Although the button and confirmation prompt still state that it will cost 200 RP, if you use the EXACT same title in a new color, you will receive a 50 RP discount. If you attempt to repurchase the same title in the same color, you will receive a warning message informing you of such.
- 3/28/2015   - There was a bug in the new Upgrade Expertise link where it would not allow you to properly upgrade your expertise after landing on the tab. This has been fixed and requires a refresh.
- A large part of the intention around the Upgrade Expertise in the last update was to help newer players upgrade their expertise before capping and serving as a reminder to long-term players if they forgot to pay attention to a looming expertise cap. As such, a change has been implemented so that if you are under 3k attributes you will receive your "Upgrade Expertise" warning 50 attributes prior to capping your highest attribute. If you are at 3k or over, you will receive the warning message when you cap your highest attribute. This updated requires a refresh

- The Me Leaderboard was not properly filtering out banned players as expected per Mistere's bug report. In addition, there was some strange behavior with placements for tradeskills. This has been corrected.

- Added additional Moderator tooling to better support the game.
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