Latest Updates

- 4/8/2014   - A change was applied to battle to enhance the "keep alive" code for autos and to prevent incorrect bans while fighting. Now, if an error occurs during your fight, a messaging stating "An error has occurred" will be displayed instead of the "You Won" or "You Lost" text. If autoing, your auto will attempt to retry itself after the the action timer expires.

- The same patch is now live for tradeskilling and requires a refresh.

- Double/Triple/Quad extensions now occur in seconds instead of minutes. This is to prevent lost time if a RP Store Triple purchase is made as well as normal credit purchases. As a result, extensions are now reported in Hour/Minute/Second format.
- 4/4/2014   A number of performance updates were added to keep the game running smoothly and improve the experience

- All inventory queries were revamped including the equipped items, the individual tabs, and the gemming modal. This will be most noticable for those with very large inventories.
- The Key Areas often spilled out of its container. It has been resized to accomodate for browsers that render with a bit more space (Firefox).
- The Clan Members list has been optimized to load more quickly.
- Clan members online status is now triggered by their presence in chat. If they are not in chat but have performed a battle or tradeskill in the last 15 minutes, they will also show up as online. This is to prevent them from showing offline while autoing.
- The initial load chat query has been heavily optimized to improve initial load times of the game. For phone users with solid connections, this should be a noticable improvement.
- 4/2/2014   - A long-standing modal issue was resolved. In the past, using the gemming modal caused the rest of the modals to stop updating with content. This fix requires a refresh

- The rules have been clarified and expanded to allow for more precise rulings.
- 4/2/2014   - A deconstruct bug led to a mass vanishing of epics throughout the game. Unfortunately a restore was unsuccessful and gold has been given as compensation to help you replace your gear. My most sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
- 4/1/2014   - The Gemming Modal interface has been made more enjoyable. Now, when slotting or unslotting gems into items in your inventory, the Modal refreshes itself with the updated slotted gems and available gems, rather than dismissing itself each time. This requires a refresh to use.
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