Latest Updates

- 7/28/2014   - Two bugs were patched that could have had significant downstream impacts. No one was able to exploit the bugs.
- Date joined has been added to profile.
- Average kills per day has been added to profile.
- Your received and sent secure messages should no longer cache in IE, preventing new messages from populating.
- Added a Refresh Chat throttle just to protect performance.
- Some groundwork code was pushed to production for global bosses. You should not see or experience anything, but it helps to have it in preparation of the boss release which is getting closer.
- 7/10/2014   A game rule has been added with a link to the Terms and Conditions for your viewing pleasure
- 6/28/2014   The event is LIVE! You can find Chests of Bounty for 24 hours that contain great rewards. You can open them in your profile if you have one or more to open. There is no advantage to holding onto the chests so if you have it, spread the bounty! Thank you all for a fantastic year and here's to many more!!!
- 6/27/2014   -The anniversary of Blades of Legends event update is in production! It will automaticcally begin at 0:00 Server Time on June 28th, 2014 and will last until 23:59 Server Time on June 28th. More details will be given after the event starts.
-If a player is permanently banned, a red strikethrough now appears on their name in the clan member's list.
-Pasting chat into the chat input field or into the Secure Messsage / Secure trade fields no longer causes chat to start updating in those fields.
- 6/14/2014   An event for the first anniversary of the game has been completed and tested! It will be deployed sometime before the anniversary of the game (the 28th of June) and will start automatically. It will last from 0:00 to 23:59 server time and will be available to all players. Details will be revealed after the event begins.
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